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Videography is such an art! These videographers compliment the photographs that will also be taken on your day. It's important to hire a videographer and a photographer that work well and collaborate with each other on your day, rather than compete. I'd admire ALL of these video teams listed here! films

Owner: Ori Swiatkowski
Based in: Denver





"There is no specific checklist for my dream wedding to shoot. I have been given the most joy from the days that I connect with my couples. Don't get me wrong, a beautiful venue and gorgeous dress is every videographers dream, but the weddings I look most forward to are with couples that are willing to get their feet dirt, run in a field, let their hair down, and get emotional. We could be on the side of a cliff in Aspen or on the beach in Mexico, but me "dream wedding" is one that I am capturing a connection between two humans that is so undeniable that if seems as though I am not even there in that moment."

Why she loves Colorado weddings:

Her Dream Wedding:


Being a Colorado native, Ori loves Colorado weddings and couples because they're usually down to earth humans that seek adventure!

Advice films would give to couples planning their wedding;

"My advice to couples planning their wedding would be to let go of full control, allow others to help plan & be fully present for the moments that mean the most to you - the day goes fast and there is no one that deserves to fully embrace all the little things besides you and your fiancé. If you are on the fence about hiring a videographer, I might be biased, but DO IT. There is nothing more rewarding than getting to sit down and relive the highlights of a day you've waited your whole life to have."

Why she loves her job;

Ori has a strong passion for film making. When she is not shooting and editing wedding films, she is documenting her travels, family, friends, and anything else she can get in frame. Whatever the subject may be , she loves tellings stories. "I believe that this is the most important part of creating a film, and can confidently say that each and every one of my films depicts a couple's story in a special way that is unique to them". 

Living Out Loud Co.

Owner: Sydney Brewer

Based in: All of Colorado




Sydney experiments with perspective, equipment and focuses on quality over quantity. In her opinion, all of that along with meeting new people and truly getting to know them and their story is what makes for the best work. The quality of her content and the time she puts into preparing for a wedding day sets her apart from other vendors. She enjoys spending her free time visiting new locations and participating in creative events that inspire her work and introduces her to new ideas. 

Her dream wedding;

What makes her a top vendor;


"My dream wedding is when a couple opens up about their story, background, and interests and wants to incorporate their own creativity, shared experiences, and style into their day. Focusing on what is important to them as a couple and making the day about them and their love for each other."

Advice Living Out Loud would give to couples planning their wedding;

"Planning a wedding, big or small, can seem like an overwhelming task out of the gates. Choosing vendors that you connect with and feel comfortable around is an essential element in making your day feel more easygoing overall. Don’t be afraid to ask them personal questions during the consultation process to see what you have in common with them and whether you enjoy their company. They will be a part of your story and the memory of your day so pick someone you want to remember."

Why she loves her job;

"Where love, storytelling, and celebrations meet is where I always want to be. There is nothing quite like being a part of someone’s wedding day! The whole day is filled with excitement, emotion, and an energy that is unlike any other line of work."

Chris Rasmussen Films

Owner: Chris Rasmussen

Based in: Denver




Chris has a great reputation from past couples for being very easy to work with. He is prompt, responsive, and great with communication, all on top of his excellent quality of work. "Those have always been my two biggest focuses - providing the highest quality video I can, while still making the wedding day enjoyable for everyone."- Chris

His dream wedding;

What makes Chris a top vendor;


"What I've found I enjoy most is weddings where the couple's main focus is celebrating with their partner, friends, and family. Photo and video is really important, but I think first I like weddings where the focus is celebrating the day with friends and family."

Advice Chris Rasmussen would give to couples planning their wedding;

"I'd say mostly to focus on enjoying the day together. I've seen a lot of weddings where things are too rushed, so just try to slow down and enjoy it."

Why he loves his job;

"The locations that I get to see and the people I get to work with. One of the things I love most about weddings is that every couple is different and has a story to tell, and I love being able to create a video for them that focuses on them and their story. Knowing that the couple could hire anyone and they chose me to come with them to Iceland, Puerto Rico, or wherever it is- hat is a big privilege". and something I don't take for granted.

Water and Whimsy

Owners: Katie and Zach
Based in: Denver






Bio Coming Soon!!

White In Revery

Owners: Kristine and Calen
Based in: Denver





"Our dream wedding starts with a dream couple and we feel that the dreamiest couples are excitedly making a wedding day that reflects them and their personalities. We also love personable couples because it helps us get to know who they are and better translate that personality into a story driven film, whether they are low key or full throttle, shy or outgoing, reverent or the wildest at the party. If the couple is personable enough to give us their true selves and their true story, I can confidently say that they could be getting married under a bridge and we could still make a beautiful film. From there, having dream vendors really can make a difference. The thing that makes a dream vendor is the ability to collaborate and support each other well." 

Why they love Colorado weddings:

Their Dream Wedding:


Colorado is home for us. We are either capturing someone's mountainy "home" or we are capturing couple's fresh amazement at our home if we're filming a destination wedding. We love that!

Advice White In Revery would give to couples planning their wedding;

"Couples always seem to be happiest when they create a day that is THEM. I've seen couples get more excited about their brunch-style meal than couples that spent three times the amount on a meal that they didn't even touch. I think the couple's first date was brunch, so it was part of their story and it felt fun to them to bring that to their wedding day. When we were getting married 10 years ago, we felt like we were handed a long list of cultural expectations on how our day should look, some of which felt uncomfortable and even confusing to us. We took what made sense and we left what didn't feel like us, and we will never regret it. This isn't a suggestion to be untraditional. This is advice to be yourselves. Sometimes that is beautifully untraditional and sometimes that is beautifully traditional

Why they love their job;

"For us, the challenge of translating the unique personalities of our couples and the unique feel of their wedding day into a story is truly so much fun. Every couple and every wedding day is so unique, so we try to approach it each film that way rather than pushing out the same storyline, songs, and editing techniques. One of our favorite compliments that we get from couples is when they say that their film transports them back to all of the same emotions they felt on their wedding day. Knowing that we're not only helping solidify memories for couples, but we're also helping couples relive the emotions they felt, is truly one of the best parts of our job. 


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