When choosing me to work with you for your wedding, you are not only getting beautiful photo memories, but a complete wedding experience. Think of me as your wedding guide. I'm heavily involved in helping construct your wedding day timeline. (Remember, I've been to a few of these before...I've found what works and what doesn't!). I'm also there for the "I didn't know she does that!" stuff. Need to remind a bridesmaid what to pack in your bag for you? Did she pack your hotel key? Who has your cell phone? Did you bring your lipstick? I gotchu. Mom can't figure out how to bustle you? I gotchu. Crazy Uncle Bob wants to pull you aside for more photos? I gotchu. Kids aren't looking at the camera or behaving? I GOTCHU.

I assist with timelines, family formal shot lists, venue scouting, making sure the your Aunt Sue isn't bothering anyone, you get the idea! 


You're not awkward. Leave that to me.



That's Ok! In fact, my absolute favorite shoots are with people who think they are "awkward" in front of a lens! My couples who feel vulnerable are the ones who actually giggle the most during shoots! (And I love me a good giggle sesh). Before every shoot, I have a pep talk with my couples to 'warm them up', explaining how to move and walk and hold each other. But throughout the session, I'll still be guiding you, posing you, directing you, and talking you through the entire shoot from behind my camera. I even give some strange and silly prompts for the sole purpose of getting a genuine laugh out of you! 


Before our session (or your wedding), we will be in communication. For engagements, I can help you decide what to wear, and we chat over locations and timelines. For weddings, I send out a questionnaire about a month or two before the big day. In the questionnaire, I get all the details about the day (addresses, guest count, shot lists, vendor information), as well as go over the wedding day timeline. I usually like to scout out the venue if I hadn't been there before as well .We make sure we have everything all set so that on the day of the wedding, things can run smoothly and efficiently! I'm pretty type-A with that stuff!


After the photo session, I get to play some more! When editing images, I like to keep things warm and inviting. I also want to keep your images timeless, yet also give them a fun film like feel. The goal is to have imagery that is creative, yet not dated. I love adding black and white images to the gallery as well! I think they create such a nostalgic feel to the images.


At a photo shoot or a wedding, I'll be continuously talking to you from behind the lens, making you feel comfortable at all times! That being said, there are certain aspects to a wedding day where you will barely see me. Think of me as a ninja, everywhere and no where at the same time! During the ceremony, I'll quietly be dancing around the edges to get all angles; I want to capture your parents crying in the front row, as well as your friends dabbing their tears in the back. During the reception you'll see me on the dance floor with you though! I'm always where the action is. So while during portrait time I'll be directing you and your bridal party, I'll be much more documentary the rest of the day; letting events unfold naturally. While you will always be my main focus, I know that weddings are the one time if your life when all of your bret friends and family are under one roof. I make sure to also turn my camera on to them, as they hug each other at cocktail hour, cheers for you during speeches, and laughing away during dinner. They are just as part of your wedding day as you!!

- hey, this is important!!


I like to get your photos back to you as soon as I can! I've gotten editing down to a science at this point, and can get your images back to you pretty quickly. I like to send you your final gallery about 2-3 weeks after your wedding if  I can! I find it's best to see your photos in a timely fashion so that you can really remember all the specific moments. I want you to still have that best man speech fresh in your mind when you see the photos of everyone laughing.


After your wedding, you're not done with me! I hope to be in your lives forever! Keep an eye out in your emails for discounts that pop up for the gallery Shop! I also offer album design services for those special memories. Albums make excellent anniversary or holiday gifts! I may randomly message you even months after your wedding just to say hi, or to let you know that your wedding will be featured in a magazine or online blog. The fun never ends with us!


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