10 Best Denver Wedding Venues

woodlands mosaic wedding

Denver is an incredible city to host a wedding. This city has a lot to offer, especially for out of town guests visiting Colorado for the first time. It is an easy city to navigate, with lots of activities to do right in downtown, including museums and breweries. The mountains aren’t too far away either! There are activities for kids, as well as adults to keep everyone entertained for a long weekend. For planning your wedding, Denver is also great because of the many amazing options you have for wedding venues. I thought it would be helpful to make a list of the best Denver wedding venues for couples to browse and get ideas while planning their Centennial state wedding! Prices will vary from venue to venue, but on average compared to the rest of the country, Denver sits right in the middle of the average price range that couples will spend on a wedding. The average cost of a Denver wedding is $30,000.

Why get married in Denver?

If you are a local, the answer will be easy, as Denver is your home and your backyard. But a lot of people choose Denver and its surrounding areas for their destination wedding. The city sits very central to the United States, with most major airport hubs having cheap flights that come to DIA. Getting downtown is easy for your out of town gets, as they can hop on the train that will lead you directly to Union Station.

Another factor for choosing Denver for your wedding city would be that we have great weather here in Colorado! We claim to have “300 days of sunshine“. While yes, it will snow in the winter, you will usually still be greeted with sun and mild weather.

If your friends and family are making a mini vacation out of your wedding weekend, then they can enjoy the 150+ breweries this city has to offer!! My favorites are Odell Brewing Company, Great Divide Brewing Company, and Our Mutual Friend. But let’s be honest, I don’t know much about beer, so maybe take advice from these suggestions of the 5 best breweries in Denver!

Denver also has a long list of amazing wedding professionals that are SO talented and would love to help your vision come true for your wedding day. I have a running list of Colorado wedding vendors that I think are the absolute best and that I love to work with!

Lodging suggestions for Denver

If your guests are coming from out of town, there are plenty of lodging options for them to stay near all the action. My favorite hotels would be the Ramble Hotel, located in the bustling arts district of RiNo, the Source Hotel which is located also in RiNo, and the Maven Hotel which is located downtown close to Union Station. The Life House Hotel in LoHi is also a favorite of mine!

Of course, being a major city, there are also lots of Airbnb options for larger parties to stay together. Some of my favorite neighborhoods in the city would be RiNo (River North), and LoHi (Lower Highlands), as well as the downtown area.

What time of year is best for a Denver wedding?

As mentioned above, Denver boasts on our sunny days and fresh air. There is no ‘wrong’ time of year to get married! The tricky part to planning your wedding date though, would be that Colorado is infamous for having all four seasons in one week, and sometimes even in one day. December can have freezing temps, but also have days that are 65 and sunny. I’ve even seen it snow in September! The best idea would be to go with the “average” temperatures for your wedding month, and cross your fingers. We are also known to have quick 30 minutes rain showers in the summer around 2-3pm. They do not last long, but they usually do happen right when most wedding ceremony times like to take place.

Spring average temperature in Denver; March is about 58 degrees, April is about 65 degrees, and May is around 73 degrees.

Summer average temperature in Denver; June is about 86 degrees, July is 92 degrees, and August is 90 degrees.

Fall average temperature in Denver; September is about 82 degrees, October is 68 degrees, and November is 57 degrees.

Winter average temperature in Denver; December is about 47 degrees, January is 49 degrees, and February is 49 degrees as well.

Check out my list of the 10 Best Denver Wedding Venues!

Denver Gardens- Woodlands Mosaic

woodlands mosaic and solarium wedding

One of the most intimate yet beautiful wedding venues sits right in the heart of the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Woodlands Mosaic and Solarium. With its art deco styling, this tiny building can be closed off to the public and can seat up to 50 guests for an intimate ceremony, and about 35 for a seated dinner inside. With the glass walls, you’ll feel as if your wedding is in the woods and truly connected to nature. It is romantic, classic, vintage, and pretty affordable! You can even BYOB! The Botanic Gardens lay right in the center of the city, so it is easy to get to. Parking is allowed on site for visitors as well, although there is a bit of a walk to the venue site. (But you’ll be walking through the gardens so, it’s not much of a con, is it?)

For lodging nearby, the closest options would be in the upscale Cherry Creek. Filled with lots of boutiques and restaurants, some great options for hotels here would be Halcyon Hotel, the Moxy Hotel, or the Jacquard Hotel.

Wedding Cost- One hour site fee will cost $1,800. If you’d like to rent it for a half day usage, the price is $2,000, and a full day usage is $3,000. There is also a $300 service set-up fee.

Venue Includes-

  • Tables and chairs
  • Complimentary Botanic Garden admission for guests
  • Free parking
  • Ride-sharing drop off point
  • Use of grounds for photos
  • Can bring in your own alcohol!

Check out a Real Wedding at the Woodland Mosaic and Solarium at the Denver Botanic Gardens;


Thomas Paszkiewicz. https://www.botanicgardens.org/york-street/private-events/outdoor-rental-sites/woodland-mosaic


Realm Denver Wedding Venue

One of the most aesthetically pleasing venues in all of Denver has to be Realm. With all white walls (including a cyc wall in the corner, which is the perfect blank slate backdrop for your ceremony) and neutral styling and furniture, this venue is a minimalists dream! While it is already stunning with its beauty “as-is”, I also love this venue for its endless options of DIY and styling that can be done to it.

The venue size is what I’d consider to be ‘medium’. Its capacity is for 130 guests for a seated dinner, and up to 250 guests cocktail style. The flow of the space is also a bonus. Guests will come in for your ceremony to the main room, with windows all along one side, and large tall ceilings. As mentioned before, the cyc wall makes for a perfect all white backdrop, which can be styled with a fun floral alter or backdrop. After the ceremony, guests can be ushered into the sun room for cocktail hour. The sun room opens up to the outside, so for nice weather days, guests can spill out to the sunny outside as well. During cocktail hour the main room can be flipped for the dinner reception.

Realm weddings include use of their modern tables and chairs, bar top, lounge furniture, and an on-site venue manager. There is also a getting ready room upstairs which is perfect to hide away as guests arrive, and where you can make your grand entrance from!

Realm’s location makes it a top contender for Denver’s best wedding venues. It is located on the north end of RiNo, Denver’s Arts District. This area is known for its lively feel and many breweries and night life! Guests can stay at the Ramble Hotel or the Source Hotel which are both nearby!

Realm Wedding Cost-

For 9 hours of rental time (2 hours for set-up, 6 for event time, and 1 hour for cleanup) the prices will vary depending on the day of the week. Monday-Thursday is $2500, Friday/Sunday is $3500, and Saturday is $4500.


EB. https://www.realmdenver.co/weddings


Also located in the fun arts district of RiNo, Blanc is a large and industrial venue with all the options! This spacious modern setting allows indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions, and has lots of space for cocktail hour options. While unassuming from the outside, as you walk in to the venue, you will be surprised at how large the space is! The venue continues out to the back lot, which is my favorite spot for ceremonies. Just around the corner there are some trees and fire pits for cocktail hour but also for late night outdoor hangs.

Venues like Blanc are built with the wedding ‘flow’ in mind. There are areas for catering to set up, as well as space for kids to play out of the way. The styling is very on brand for it’s location as well. RiNo is known for being a renovated industrial vibe, and this venue is no different. With mostly white walls, it has some exposed brick here and there for aesthetic. Outside is very industrial with steel and glass elements as well. They also have a slew of furniture for your use that matches the venue’s vibe.

Blanc can easily hold up to 150 guests for their capacity. I personally love long farm tables for their space. There is also a barn in the back which is a great space to get some fresh air from the party inside. The dance floor is also inside and has lots of space to move and groove!

Blanc Wedding Cost-

A typical Saturday wedding at Blanc will run $8,500. An off season Saturday will be $6,000. An off season Sun-Thursday will be $4,500, which would be your cheapest option for a full day event. These prices are for 10 hours of access to the venue.


Brittney. https://blancdenver.com/connect/

The Maven Hotel

If you’re looking for a modern and fun venue located literally in the center of all the attention, then look no further than The Maven Hotel! The Maven Hotel uses its Windsor Room for wedding events. This room is 2,100 square feet and has a built in stage that is perfect for live bands (or for where the DJ booth would be if you prefer). The stage opens up to the alley of the Dairy Block– a new “micro-district” of Denver that is eclectic and funky and filled with artisan stores and shops.

The Maven Hotel is a modern styled hotel located just a block away from Union Station. Guests can stay at this hotel with you! You are walking distance to both RiNo, as well as downtown Denver areas such as the 16th mall. You’re a quick scooter ride away from LoHi as well. Your guests will not get bored, that is for sure.

While the Windsor Room can seat up to 130 guests for a ceremony, the eye catcher spot for your vows would be the alley of the Dairy Block. With graffiti painted walls and decor, the covered alley is a beautiful and instagramable spot that your guests will love to share photos of. After your ceremony, you can then move into the Windsor Room for dinner and dancing! Check out a 3D view of their space here! After your wedding is down, you are so close to the night life of Denver that the party just may never stop!


The capacity for The Maven Hotel weddings is 130 for a seated reception.


Please contact the Maven Hotel for more info. https://www.themavenhotel.com/weddings


Moss is a very popular wedding venue in Denver. They know what they’re doing! It’s a favorite venue due to its size, its professionalism, and its unique look. With brick walls and dim light industrial vibes, Moss can kind of act as a blank slate for couples with a vision. Moss’s capacity is up to 200 guests inside their Chandelier room, so it’s on the larger side! There is an on site bridal suite and multiple areas for storage.

Moss provides a lot for you, including tables and chair. They do require you to use one of their preferred vendors for catering, but after seeing their list, you’d only want one of these amazing caterers anyway! They choose high end professional teams to work with them.

This wedding venue is located in the Baker area of Denver. Baker, located just south of downtown, is known to be one of the “hippest” neighborhoods in the city. It is filled with restaurants, vintage shops, and live music venues. For lodging options near Baker, the main hotels you’d find would be closer to downtown. I’d highly recommend checking out some fun airbnbs in this neighborhood if you are trying to stay closer to the venue!

Moss wedding cost-

For a Saturday date during peak season you’d be looking at about $8,500 for a 10 hour venue rental. An off season Saturday will run you about $6,500.


Michelle at https://mossdenver.com/


If you’re looking for a Denver wedding venue that is “no nonsense, open concept, and vendor flexible“, then you’d enjoy checking out Skylight! The venue is located just south of downtown, but north of the Baker neighborhood. It’s easily accessible and central to all the fun stuff. With white painted brick walls, and (obviously)- skylights, the space is popping off with lots of natural light. The venue is HUGE as well. Skylight’s capacity can seat up to 200 guests for a dinner reception indoors.

Another reason this venue is a winner, is that is provides a great outdoor space for ceremony. The outdoor patio is equally as large, and this space can be used as cocktail hour as well while the indoor space is flipped for reception. They also provide market lighting (my fav), as well as tables and chairs. For additional costs, you can add on to your package coordination options as well as a photo booth.

Skylight wedding cost-

Saturdays will run about $7,000, Fridays are $6,000, and Sundays are $5,000. They do have off-season pricing available if you are looking to cut costs a bit


Jill at https://skylight.828venues.com/

Ironton Distillery

best denver wedding venues

One of the more unique venues on my list is the Ironton Distillery. Is it a garden party? A winery? An urban art escape? This venue kind of has it all. Ironton Distillery is probably one of the largest Denver wedding venues with character. Their capacity can hold up to 400 guests! Wow! It has one of the largest outdoor patios in the city. It can also be booked year round as there are fire pits and heaters outside for your use. (You can even opt for a tent if the weather requires it). They also have a lounge inside with an indoor fireplace for extra ambiance.

Ironton Distillery is just that, a distillery. When you host your wedding there they provide an on-site “cocktail garden” and they even use their own fruits and herbs from their garden for their drinks! Yum! They encourage you to create your own “custom” cocktail with them for your wedding. They also provide their on on site food and beverage service, including a gin lounge! We love an organic venue. The venue is large enough to bring in a live band if so inclined. For options on ceremony and reception areas, the venue provides a few choices that you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Along with delicious food and drinks, the atmosphere is all based around art. They have local rotating artists showcasing their work around the entire venue. Ironton Distillery is located on the outskirts of the RiNo district, closer to Brighton Blvd and the river.



While this venue is VERY large, it can accommodate up to 300 people. Realistically, depending on which are of the venue you rent out, I’d say a good size guest count for this venue would be 150 people.

Ironton Distillery Wedding Cost-

This venue is very large and can provide many different options for you depending on the size of your wedding and your specific needs. The larger the wedding, the pricier it will be. The cost for renting this venue can range from $2,000-15,00 depending on size of wedding, season, and day of the week!


Contact their events team here; https://irontondistillery.com/events/


Located in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver, Asterisk is another industrial styled wedding venue, but with a roof! It is a fairly large sized venue, with 8,500 square feet indoors that can host up to 200 guests. The outdoor rooftop is a 1,700 square foot space which is perfect for ceremonies. From the roof, you can see a few of the buildings in the downtown of Denver. All of the walls in Asterisk are painted white, which really opens up the room and brightens the mood. It also makes it a great blank slate for whatever styling you’d like to dream up for your wedding!

The roof is draped with market lights (I looooove me some market lights!) and is a great option for cocktail hour as well. There is an option to tent to roof if weather takes a turn for the worse. The venue also provides a getting ready room with its own restroom and makeup counter.

A few blocks away is one of my favorite hotels, The Ramble Hotel, and I think thats a great option for couples getting ready or for a first look! Their cocktail bar is so yummy and their eclectic styling inside is a dream.

Asterisk wedding cost-

The price to rent out Asterisk for your wedding will depend on a few factors, such as which space(s) you’d like to use, and time of year. The range can be anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. The higher end of this pricing would be for both the Main Hall/rooftop as well as the getting ready rooms on a peak season Saturday for 10 hours.


To get more informations about Asterisk, contact them at https://www.asteriskdenver.com/

The Manor House

The Manor House Wedding Venue in Denver Colorado

This 12,000 square foot historic mansion is technically just on the outskirts of Denver, but as it is one of my favorite venues, and only a 30 minute drive from downtown, I decided to add it to my list! Based in Littleton, Colorado, The Manor House boasts hosting Presidents and other dignitaries in its day. Built in 1914, it has since been converted into a stunning wedding venue. While the outside is styled similar to a Georgia southern mansion, the inside main hall as been painted all white, and is almost reminiscent of a ranch style home. The manor itself is quite pretty to look at, but it also has amazing views of the Front Range from its property.

Most couples choose to have their ceremony outside on the law, but the main hall is large enough to host an indoor ceremony if need be. The Manor House has a guest capacity of 200 for a seated reception. The venue is a full service venue that has it’s own chef to provide you with a delicious choice of dinner meals. There are add on options to your wedding package such as welcome drinks and wine upgrades. They do include up to 225 chiavari chairs for your event as well.

The Manor House also has it’s own private Heli-pad! (What!? Could you imagine THAT sort of grand entrance!?)

The venue provides getting ready rooms for the couple (one of which is a dedicated “man-cave“). They also have an option to add on their 3 bedroom 2,000 square foot guest house, which goes for $600/night.

The Manor House wedding cost-

A peak season Saturday wedding for 150 people will run you on average just shy of $30,000. This includes your food, beverages, and rentals such as tables and chairs, as well as tax.

Check out more info on The Manor House from this real wedding feature and venue highlight post!


To learn more about this Denver wedding venue, contact The Manor House here; https://www.themanorhouse.com/

Villa Parker

Villa Parker wedding

Villa Parker is a beautiful Italian style villa (that used to be someone’s private home!) which has been transformed into a perfect wedding venue just south of Denver metro. From downtown Denver, it takes about 30 mins to get to Villa Parker, and is technically in the town of Parker, Colorado. I love this venue for many reasons, the most obvious being its beauty and charm! There is no other Mediterranean style venue similar to it in Denver. I also love the ease at which it is to work at Villa Parker, and for couples to host their wedding there! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and the layout of the venue gives a great flow for weddings.

There are a few ceremony location options on site, including a rain option indoors. Outside you can have your ceremony either in the courtyard, the grass yard, by the front gate, or anywhere you see fit! For reception space, most couples choose the back patio area, as it feels like an Italian garden, and is close to the indoor dance floor area. Some choose to have the reception inside the grand ballroom as well. There are also two spacious getting ready rooms on site for the couple and their respective wedding party members to get dressed in. Lastly, Villa Parker can host up to 200 guests!

Villa Parker wedding cost-

The great perk about Villa Parker is that it is open year-round! They do have off-season prices if you are looking for a better deal. For peak season pricing, which is from mid-May to the end of October, expect pricing between $5k-8k. ($8k will get you a Saturday event!). For off season prices (November through mid-May), you’ll be paying around $3,750-6750.

These prices include some great perks, including a wedding planner from Grace and Co! As well as 12 hours of all inclusive access to the venue on your wedding day, and chairs for both ceremony and reception, on site parking, and much more!

Check out a Real Wedding at the Woodland Mosaic and Solarium at the Denver Botanic Gardens;


To learn more about this Denver wedding venue, contact Villa Parker at info@villaparker.com

Bonus Venue; Bigsby’s Folly

best denver wedding venues

A hidden gem for Denver wedding venues would be Bigsby’s Folly. Located right by the 38th and Blake metro station in the heart of the RiNo district, this winery has a very intimate vibe. Covered in brick, with some metal accents and tall plains grass out front, this working winery is so cute.

The building was originally built in 1886, and then restored to fit into its upcoming environment of the arts district. Sitting next to warehouses and new modern builds, it holds its own. It is reminiscent of the Great Gatsby and new age industrial.

While small, Bigsby’s Folley still is open to hosting events and weddings. Their events are best fit for about 50-80 wedding guests. The flow would usually be an indoor wedding ceremony, and then move outside to the patio for cocktail hour, and then back inside for reception.

Being so close to the train station means guests can easily hop around the city. If they want to stay nearby, I’d suggest either across the street at the Source Hotel, or take one stop on the train to Union Station where they can stay at the Maven Hotel.

The venue also provides a lot of amenities for you, such as tables, chairs, bar stools, bar top, and a secluded fire pit. They have a food menu already provided for you, which makes it very easy! And, since they are a winery, you get to choose among their yummy wines to serve at your event as well.

Bigsby’s Folley Wine Cellar Wedding Cost-

Venue site rentals for Sunday-Tuesdays are $4,000, Wednesday-Thursday is $5,000, and Friday and Saturdays are $6,000. Beverage packages can range anywhere from $33-45 per person. Catering services can range between $55-150 per person, depending on any add ons you may like!


Cassie. https://www.bigsbysfolly.com/

Other great Colorado wedding venues;

If you enjoyed this list of my Best Denver Wedding Venues, then you might get a kick out of these lists as well!

Check out the Best Small Wedding Venues in Colorado. As well as the Best Colorado Mountain Wedding Venues with epic views and scenery! I also have a list of Best Colorado Ranch Wedding Venues that people love. And lastly, my list of the Best Glamping Colorado Wedding Venues with lodging for guests!

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